NuMat Medtech was formed in 2016 as a consequence of the merger between Sanifit Medtech and NuMat Biomedical. Sanifit Medtech was a spin-off of Laboratoris Sanifit, leading company in the treatment of calcification disorders. NuMat Biomedical was created by Dr. Marta Monjo, Ph.D. in Molecular Biology with 15+ years of experience in research in biomaterials.

NuMat Biomedical and Sanifit Medtech started in 2013 a collaborative Project called PHYTECH, aimed to design and develop new materials for bone implants. This project was financed with an INNPACTO Project from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and with a Eurostars Project.

After the finalization of the project, the two companies decided to join efforts to better use the synergies between them and created NuMat Medtech.


ENISA supports NuMat Medtech’s development plan with a loan of €300,000


Reportage about NuMat Medtech, a biotech company developing coatings for orthopaedic and dental implants

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NuMat MedTech raises 530.000€ for preclinical studies


Bel Busquets, Vice-president of the Government of the Balearic Islands, pays a visit to TERCIT and NuMat


NuMat MedTech raises 150.000€ for validating its technology in the market