NuMat Medtech

NuMat Medtech is focusing on 2 bioactive coatings, based on small molecules of natural origin with potential applications in dental and orthopedic markets. The coatings have been developed by NuMat Medtech trying to address the main challenges of the current commercial medical implants, including poor osteointegration and high risk of infection.



Bioactive surface modified with phytate for improving bone integration with antimicrobial effect and anti-inflammatory response.

Phytate is a natural molecule abundant in plant seeds and grains that acts as an inhibitor of bone resorption. It is adsorbed on the surface of hydroxyapatite crystals, the mineral constituent of the bone matrix, inhibiting its dissolution and decreasing the progressive loss of bone mass in osteoporotic animal models.

Metallic surfaces coated with phytate show osteogenic and anti-inflammatory properties and a decrease in bacterial adhesion.

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Osseointegration properties

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Anti-inflammatory effect

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Reduced Bacterial colonization

Bioactive surface modified with phytate


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